Welcome to the website of the Graph Integration Platform GIP!

On GIP.at, a joint, nationwide transport graph is being developed, which will provide a digital map of Austria's transport network available to all authorities. GIP.gv.at will comprise tools developed for the authorities, which they can use to keep the GIP up to date on an ongoing basis and which will make their work easier. On GIP.gv.ROLLOUT the authorities are supported in implementing the new e-Government tools which are needed for GIP updates.

Furthermore some additional GIP projects are also described at this website.

All GIP projects receive a 50% subsidy by the Climate and Energy Fund.


GIP at AGIT 2015

2015-02-09 09:50 | AGIT 2015

AGIT 2015 from 8th to 10th of July: GIP has been presented with presentations and at the GIP exhibition booth
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The cooperative GIP exhibition booth at the AGIT 2014 EXPO area

2014-07-07 09:50 | AGIT 2014

AGIT 2014 from 2nd to 4th of July: GIP is presented at GIP day and exhibition booth
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eAward 2013
Irmgard Mandl-Mair, Christoph Westhauser and Roman Dangl

2014-02-03 18:49 | 1st place at the eAward 2013

GIP.at and GIP.nö won the first place at the eAward 2013 within the category "
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